Saturday, April 25, 2015

American - Jadong Wedding Chest

As I researched wedding chests I found that Tibet and Jadong had similar characteristics.  Both had the pole holes on each end and the styles were more like western versions. Boxy. From one recount of the Jadong chest, I understand that the groom makes the chest for his new bride to start their home.

 Here is an example of these chests. In the north of Asia a wood commonly used is Elm.  Where as Indonesia the woods are tropical, such as Teak.

In my Americanized version, I used American Oak, a little Pine, and Aromatic Cedar.  No plywood or MDF was harmed in this project.  Overall dimension are about 18"w x 32"l x 24"h.

The construction of this chest has it's roots in American factory furniture.  As a means to reduce weight for shipping and wood usage cost, the factories would design furniture with panels.  The sides of this chest are made up of panels with a 1/4" groove on the edges of the thicker pieces where the scant sheets are inserted.

The sides have tongues cut at each end.  The corner posts have matching grooves. The panels are then cross screwed at the top and bottom of each panel.  There are decorative button plugs covering the screw heads.  The box is squared with corner blocks at the bottom as shown in the picture below.  Also note the cleat material for the chest bottom.

All the materials for this chest can be purchased from a big box hardware store, with the exception of the top.  This came from a wood workers supply house being sold as a glue up table top.

The picture above shows the moulding used to support the top when closed and railing for a slide tray.  Also, there are cross braces added to the top to reduce the chances of splitting as the chest ages.  Note the plug used to cover the screw heads.

Here is a picture of the finished chest with the Aromatic Cedar bottoms and slide tray.

Following are a few more photos of the wedding chest.  This one was given to a neighbor's daughter and new son-in law.


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